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th of june. a briefing of vice-mayor of moscow valeri shanzev was held today in the main press-center. it was dedicated to the summary of the first day of the international youth games in cis, baltic states and the regions of russia. in this briefing also took part: managing director of culture committee of the government of moscow evgeni medvedev, the main producer of the opening ceremony of the games anatoli silin, deputy managing director of culture committee of the government of moscow georgi solonina and the chairman of moscow sport committee sergei korol. mr. shanzev told journalists his opinion of the opening ceremony and repeated the quotations of the president of russia vladimir putin and the president of the ioc jacque rogge. "speaking about the opening ceremony mr. putin used phrase "tremendous show". the president was pleased indeed." about jacque rogge: "i saw mr. rogge off today. and i could read in his eyes that he had not expected the organization of these games to be at such high level. he has been visiting all the olympic games since 1980 and, as he said, the opening ceremony was organized on the very highest level for the real olympic games. since 1980 as for equipment and performance, it was the best opening ceremony he has ever seen. the president of the ioc visited the olympic village and double-rooms and the modern hotel impressed him most of all. he also mentioned yesterday that moscow stands in special place in his heart. yuri luzhkov showed mr. rogge sights of moscow in the night, which also gladdened the heart of the president of the ioc. mr. rogge visited the sailing-center as well yesterday. he met his former rivals for the olympic games there. the president of the ioc was pleased to see them again and said that moscow "has a huge sport potential". anatoli silin. about the opening ceremony: "we were very lucky - god blessed us - none of all the rehearsals failed during 3 weeks. i can not recollect the other story like this. though i have to admit there were some difficulties. to my mind the time for these games is not very well - the same situation like during the 1st games in 1998 - the world football championship is taking place. we are loosing both spectators and the participants. moreover, students and schoolchildren are having their exams at this time. but mr. rogge reported to us that the date of the next youth games would be discussed by the ioc with national olympic committees of the participants. we are trying to unite the old tradition of the ussr how to organize sport holidays with the modern tradition of the west countries. supposedly, we are managing to do that. evgeni medvedev. about the organization: "it was the same like in 1998 that we tried to realize the idea that "the games are not only the competition of the strength, but also the competition of the spirit and creation". we have 30 culture units (circus, the zoo, theatres, museums, sea-center and etc) that the participants and the guests of the games may visit. children themselves fix their schedule. undoubtedly, we could not forget about the 22nd of june - the day of memory and grief. we are planning to organize excursions to the memorial in poklonnaya hill". valeri shanzev summed up the briefing with following words: "when we speak about social and economic conditions in the country we should remember that all the investments into sports for youths and children will cover the expenses.